Established in 1982, Café de France is now known as one of Dallas’ most popular cafe. Serving various items from breakfast croissants to exquisite veal marsala, your taste buds are sure to say, bon appetit! Not only is the food one-of-a-kind, but the service always comes with a smile; bonjour!


Founded by Fred Gilani in 1982. Started as a French bakery and café serving soups, salads, and sandwiches. First store opened in Plano, Texas, on 15th St. where their cozy dining room made the Café a local favorite. Alan with his twin brother and sister along with his cousins joined his brother, Fred, in 1982 to make the Café a true family business. Of course, no family is complete without a woman’s touch, and that’s exactly what Alan’s wife, Minoo, brought to the dinner table when she joined the restaurant.

The restaurant is perfect for any occasion. Wether you’re on a romantic dinner for two, or catching a Sunday brunch with the family, Café de France is accommodating, appropriate, and appetizing! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are paired with delightful deals - including Date Night, Early Bird Dinner and Breakfast Specials, and the Sunday Meal Deal. 

Catering for a party or large event? Café de France is a popular choice for Dallas residents’ needs! Graduations, birthdays, weddings, and family gatherings are easy with Café de France. For details and pricing, call storeowner, Alan Gilani, or his wife Minoo at (972) 733-3400. 

From the Gilani family to you and yours, thank you for choosing Café de France. We hope you enjoy!